Monday, May 20, 2019


Criminal podcast 114 was interesting, then went sideways into infuriatingly one-sided. They started bashing nursing homes, ignorant that many organizations have transformed into skilled living communities.

The speakers stated that the big problem with taking care of someone’s body is forgetting about their mind, and giving agency and dignity to people. “No one listens to you when you’re in a nursing home. No one listens to you when you’re over 65.” Then they discussed the rate of suicide, and nursing homes try to make residents easy to manage, just getting their bodies thru the day. Fake news!

Since one person is a thief, do we extrapolate that all people are thieves?

The speakers obviously have not heard of person-centered care, or life in a Lutheran Services Carolinas community: chaplains, activities from singalongs to games to beach trips, one on one visits with bedbound people, snow sledding, painting classes for people with memory issues, drum circles, political discussions,.... People can sleep late, stay up till all hours, it’s their call, not ours.

Go see for yourself! And go visit to make life better for a person living in any assisted or skilled living community!